Affiliated VSAs.

Association des etudiantes Vietnamiens (Ottawa VSA) (AeVSA)

We in the AEVSA intend to represent the Vietnamese student body as well as the community in Ottawa. We want to show our youth, heritage, and culture in fun, different ways! We intend to mix in our language and culture in different ways for our social events throughout the year!

McMaster University VSA

Our purpose is to provide support to those with interest in the Vietnamese community. This club aims to provide cultural, social, and academic networking opportunities to first year students trying to adjust themselves within the university community, as well as provide a chance for students with common interests to host and partake in events celebrating Vietnamese culture. We hope to spread awareness of Vietnamese culture and help students connect with their roots. We strive to create a community in which anyone may join and feel comfortable.

McGill University VSA

The McGill Vietnamese Students' Association (MVSA) is one of the oldest culture clubs on campus, and the biggest Vietnamese student-run associations in the province of Québec. Vietnamese culture has made a significant contribution to Montreal's cosmopolitan reputation, and is thus worth exploring and celebrating.

Our goals are to build a strong and engaging student society that is actively involved in student life, as well as to promote Vietnamese culture. We welcome all interested students regardless of their ethnic and religious background, as we believe that it is the best way to build bridges between communities! We also strive to connect students through our numerous partnerships with other student organizations within the McGill community, as well as those in the Greater Montreal Area.

Ryerson University VSA (VSAR)

The Vietnamese Student Association at Ryerson (VSAR) is an all-inclusive student group that promote community building and social networking. We aim to encourage multiculturalism and equity inside and outside Ryerson. On campus, we host events based on the cultural and social interests of our members, and invite all students to come celebrate Vietnamese culture with us. Off campus, VSAR connects Ryerson to other affiliated Vietnamese organizations such as UVSA (United Vietnamese Student Association), VAT (Vietnamese Association of Toronto), and many more. With this vast network, we offer opportunities for members to become active in the Vietnamese community and have some un-phở-gettable experiences!

University of Toronto (Mississauga) VSA

Who we are: UTM VSA is a place where Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students alike can come together to celebrate Vietnam's rich and vibrant culture.

What we do: We have many fun and exciting activities planned for the school year including social nights, food outings, and cultural festivals. We are always looking for ways to give back to the Vietnamese community through philanthropic work, community involvement, and volunteer work.

University of Toronto (Scarborough) VSA

Founded in 2017, UTSVA strives to build a stronger Vietnamese community at the University of Toronto Scarborough by fostering a fair, solidarity representation among students who share the same origins and interests in Vietnamese culture. The association will act as a liaison between students and the Vietnamese community. Together, we will create internal and external opportunities through organizing events that promotes diversity, culture awareness, and leadership.

To attain these goals , UTSVA hosts numerous professional and social events, as well as information sessions that relate to the Vietnamese culture, current issues of Vietnam and the international Vietnamese community.

University of Toronto (St. George) VSA

Since 1975, the UTVSA has been a home for Vietnamese students of various backgrounds to connect, socialize, and celebrate an appreciation for Vietnamese culture. Regardless of whatever changes may come with varying social context, demographic, members and leaders, UTVSA’s fundamental goal has always remained the same. Through networking events, self improvement workshops, cultural workshops, fundraisers, and many socials, this is how UTVSA hopes to achieve it. They are a place of open arms, welcoming anyone to reach out and connect. Regardless of who or where someone is from, UTVSA aims to ignite a spark in them an appreciation for Vietnamese culture, and to continue fueling the flames in those already with a burning passion for all that is Vietnam.

Waterloo University VSA

We are UW VSA, (The University of Waterloo Vietnamese Student Association) one of the many cultural clubs under the Federation of Students. It’s a space where students can discover, connect and engage with the Vietnamese community we have here at the University of Waterloo. UW VSA represents a place where students living away from home can experience and share their culture with those around them. For some who feel disconnected with their heritage, it’s a place where they can return to their roots. For others, it could simply be a community for those who want to know more about our unique and lively culture. UW VSA in essence is a community that we like to think of as one big family. We strive to establish strong and close-knit connections between all our members, and build friendships that will last not only during your years here at UW but beyond that as well! We have Pho Nights, Cooking Lessons, Board Game Nights, Night Market, Sport Night,...

Western University VSA

Western VSA is a strong family that continues to grow every year. We welcome not only Vietnamese students, but also to anyone who is interested in Vietnamese culture, want to learn more about the heritage, or is looking for different leadership opportunities. Besides being a family, Western VSA also organizes many social events where we spend time bonding with our members while indulging in Vietnamese culture through delicious food, heritage, music, language, and so much more!

York University VSA (VietSay)

In September 2016, a group of Vietnamese students, in realization of the need for a community for Vietnamese students pursuing their study at York University, decided to establish VietSAY (Vietnamese Student Association at York) with two main goals: promoting Vietnamese culture and uniting all Vietnamese students at York.

Founded only two years ago, VietSAY has strived to achieve these two goals by holding various activities for its members, ranging from cultural celebrations (Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn...) to professional workshops (stock investment, immigration into Canada…). VietSAY also host some entertaining events on a constant basis for its members to gather and relax after hours of hard work such as Bi-Weekly Board Game sessions.

As a member of UVSA Ontario, VietSAY hopes to, beside the two goals above, connect all Vietnamese students across Ontario and beyond by creating opportunities to collaborate in projects and expand the networking circle. Moreover, VietSAY also wants to serve as a bridge between students and Vietnamese professionals who have broad knowledge and tips that can share with Vietnamese students to make our community stronger.