Affiliated VSAs.

Association des étudiantes Vietnamiens (Ottawa VSA) (AéVSA)

We in the AéVSA intend to represent the Vietnamese student body as well as the community in Ottawa. We want to show our youth, heritage, and culture in fun, different ways! We intend to mix in our language and culture in different ways for our social events throughout the year!

Brock University VSA

The Brock Vietnamese Students' Association - BVSA, is a non-profit organization founded in 2018. Since then, the BVSA has promoted and preserved Vietnamese culture by hosting many different events during the school term: Orientation Week, Pho Night, International Week, Tet Holiday, Vietnam In Your Eyes, and Giving away free masks. As a Vietnamese Students' Association of Brock University, BVSA's mission is to spread out the Vietnamese culture to Brock students and the Niagara Community.

McGill University VSA

The McGill Vietnamese Students' Association (MVSA) is one of the oldest culture clubs on campus, and the biggest Vietnamese student-run association in the province of Québec. Vietnamese culture has made a significant contribution to Montreal's cosmopolitan reputation, and is thus worth exploring and celebrating.

Our goals are to build a strong and engaging student society that is actively involved in student life, as well as to promote Vietnamese culture. We welcome all interested students regardless of their ethnic and religious background, as we believe that it is the best way to build bridges between communities! We also strive to connect students through our numerous partnerships with other student organizations within the McGill community, as well as those in the Greater Montreal Area.

McMaster University VSA

The McMaster Vietnamese Students’ Association (MVSA) was founded in 1982 with the original mission to unite Vietnamese students and raise awareness about Vietnamese culture. Over the past 38 years, MVSA has been consistently following its original mission and continues to expand its presence outside Hamilton to promote Vietnamese culture.

MVSA aims to provide cultural, social, and academic networking opportunities for students and organize events to promote diversity, inclusivity, cultural awareness, and community uplifting. We hope to be a haven for those living away from home to experience Vietnamese culture and reconnect to their roots. We strive to create a welcoming community where anyone may join and feel comfortable.

University of Toronto (Mississauga) VSA

Hey everyone, we’re the University of Toronto Mississauga Vietnamese Student Association! UTM VSA is a place where Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students can come together to celebrate Vietnam's rich and vibrant culture. We aim to learn, educate, and encourage appreciation of Vietnamese culture by incorporating it into all aspects of our activities. At UTM VSA, community is our number one priority - we hope to create a warm and welcoming place for everyone, a space where we can share and celebrate culture. Our inboxes are always open, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email at [email protected], Facebook at UTM Vietnamese Student Association, Instagram @utmvsa, or TikTok @utmvsa for whatever you need! Welcome to the UTM VSA family!

University of Toronto (Scarborough) VSA

The University of Toronto Scarborough Vietnamese Association (UTSVA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. Since then, we seek to build a stronger community of cultural awareness and unity, by providing the Vietnamese youths a voice to be heard. Additionally, UTSVA aims to celebrate the Vietnamese culture through event engagements and the provision of opportunities, both external and internal; professional and volunteering.

University of Toronto (St. George) VSA

The non-profit University of Toronto Vietnamese Students’ Association was founded in 1981 and has sought to promote the Vietnamese language and culture by encouraging dialogues between students and the Vietnamese community. In collaboration with VSAs in Eastern Canada, UTVSA actively works to better the campus experience for students by providing supportive networks and organizing social- and academic-based events, in-person or virtually. Regardless of whatever changes may come with social context, demographic, members and leaders, we are a place of open arms to reach-out and connect irrespective of where one is from. We aim to ignite a spark for appreciation of Vietnamese culture, and to continue fueling the flames in those already with a burning passion for tracing back cultural roots.

Waterloo University VSA

Our VSA is a bridge for Vietnamese students born both here in Canada and those we are international. Our goal is to help individuals become closer to their culture by introducing fun events throughout the scholastic year. However, it is also open to those outside our culture as well to invoke interest and appreciation.

Western University VSA

Western VSA is a strong family that continues to grow every year. We welcome not only Vietnamese students, but also anyone who is interested in Vietnamese culture, want to learn more about our heritage, and/or is looking for leadership opportunities. Through partaking in activities that make us proud to be Vietnamese, we aim to create lasting memories and strong bonds between our members. From indulging in delicious food, heritage, music, language, and so much more at our social events, Western VSA strives to create an inclusive and enlightening experience for our community.

York University VSA (VietSay)

VietSAY is a club run by students with the purpose of promoting and enhancing Vietnamese culture to the community, especially Vietnamese students at York University. In addition, VietSAY aims to create the bond between members through cultural and academic events throughout the school year. We also strive to act as a bridge to connect Vietnamese students at York with other communities.

Ryerson University VSA (VSAR)

VSAR serves as a community for students to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and connect to their roots. We are a group of passionate and enthusiastic students who are committed to bringing the best to the community - by organizing social events, cultural celebrations, dance, and play practices to connect like-minded and talented people