Dang Khoa Tran

Bonjour! Xin chào! Hi! I am Dang Khoa also known as DK. I will be this year UVSA Eastern Canada president. You might have seen me here and there in the past juggling between VSA and founding VYB. My field of experience ranges between accounting and informational technology. I only attended French school during my entire academic path. One fun fact that few people know is that I was born in Vietnam.

Michael Le

Internal Vice-President
Hi y’all! I’m Michael and I am this year’s Internal VP for UVSA-EC. I am a University of Ottawa Health Systems graduate. I used to be a co-president of AéVSA (my 2nd family) before I ventured out to expand my conquest to the entire Eastern Canada Region. To me, UVSA-EC (a 3rd family) is an opportunity for me to learn from all the VSAs with regard to internal VSA culture, Vietnamese culture, and random bits n bites about everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing the VSA community grow and flourish! If you guys went to IGNITE XXII a few years back, you might remember me as the goon in all black who ran across the stage with cardboard signs. A fun fact about me outside the VSA world is that I play guitar for hours every day!

Khanh Ly

External Vice-President
Heyo!! I’m Khanh and I am this year’s External VP for UVSA-EC. I graduated from Queen’s University last year with a Chemistry degree and I’m now studying at Humber College in the Paramedic program. While I was in university I did not have VSA to call home, but in 2020 I learned about UVSA-EC and became the Logistics Director for the Regional Retreat! Through being involved with UVSA-EC, I had the opportunity to get to meet like-minded individuals and make some new friends too! I hope that through this role, I will be able to bring the community closer and help bring UVSA-EC to the next level this year! A fun fact about me is that I love taking naps and can nap almost anywhere and everywhere.

Irene Nguyen

Finance Vice-President
Hi hi hi!!! This is Irene and I’m the Finance VP for UVSA this year. I’m coming to my third year at the University of Toronto studying Economics and Statistics/ Mathematics. I only got to know about UVSA not so long ago but I am confident that this would be somewhere I could call home. I cannot wait for the life lesson and stories from my anh/chị as I am the youngest in EC. By being a Finance VP, my ultimate goal is to keep UVSA financially stable so we could host meaningful events for everyone. A fun fact about me is that I am a big foodie and I could eat up to 5 meals a day.

Janet Nguyen

Marketing Vice-President
Hihi! My name is Janet Nguyen and I am UVSA Eastern Canada’s Marketing VP this year. I am also in my 4th year of Medical Sciences at Western University and am one of the Co-Presidents at Western VSA. VSA has been a huge part of my undergraduate experience; through it, I have been able to gain life-long friendships, treasured memories, and experiences I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else! VSA has helped me grow an innumerable amount, and my goal this year is to give back to the community I have grown to love. If you need someone to chat about fashion, food, or kdramas with, hit me up!

Andrew Young

Senior Tech Advisor

Tanya Nguyen

Alumni Relations Officer

Linh Vo

Events Officer
Hey hey! I’m Linh and I am an Events Officer this year for UVSA EC. I graduated from York University with a degree in Psychology. I was VietSAY’s co-president for the 2019-2020 school year. VSA has provided me with opportunities to meet amazing individuals and learn more about my culture from different perspectives. I also have a community which I consider my second family. I hope that I will get to celebrate our culture and create more interaction between VSAs through our events

Justin Lee

Events Officer
Hello hello, My name is Justin Lee, yes I know another Justin. I am your events officer this year for UVSA EC. I am currently in my 3rd year studying Actuarial Science and Chemistry at the University of Toronto. I am currently the VP external of UTVSA and was the IGNITE director last year. My goal in joining UVSA is to try and build a closer community in this online space. I want to give people the chance to get to know each other even if it’s just on the surface level.

Andy Phan

External Relations Officer
Henlo henlo, my name is Andy and I am this year’s External Relations Officer. I am entering my fouth year at McMaster University pursuing an Honours BHSC in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization. Besides being involved with UVSA EC, I am one of the Co-Presidents at McMaster VSA. My first exposure to UVSA EC was Ignite XXI with the MVSA cultural team. That summer, I went to the Leadership Summit “Unleash the Power Within”, I met inspiring people and made new friends. Being part of the VSA community has enabled me to explore my culture, learn new things, and make connections. Alongside with the External Vice-President, Khanh Ly, we will be reaching out and connecting the VSAs and the Vietnamese community.

Alexander Trinh

External Relations Officer
Hi Everyone, my name is Alexander, aka Xandros/Trịnh Gia-Bảo. I am this year’s External Relations Officer Pt. II! I am an Acupuncturist & Herbalist and graduated from the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My first introduction to UVSA was back in 2019 when I was invited to MC IGNITE XXI and kindly invited back the following year as one of the judges - what good times. I had no clue UVSA existed prior and am so grateful for all they have done and will do. My goal is to inspire youth to cherish and be proud of their cultures (whether Vietnamese or not), while giving back to communities. Shoutouts to my friends I’ve made along the way, JDao, Nathalie, Huey, JFresh, ĐK, ĐH, friends in VSAs and now my new, 2021-2022 UVSAec GIA-ĐÌNH 💗. Such a supportive & kind-hearted team we have this year - you all are in for a real treat!

Matthew Huynh

Internal Relations Officer
Helo, my name is Matthew Huynh and I'll be this year's Internal Relations Officer (wee woo wee woo) for UVSA EC! Currently busy being a 3rd year scholar at Western University's Neuroscience program (Go Mustangs!). I joined VSA years ago because I was lonely and had no friends but now I have so many Vietnamese besties! Shoutout to Western VSA's elderly graduates for teaching me Vietnamese and passing on their wisdom. My only goal right now is to carry on their legacy and make them proud so I'm praying really hard that this year I'll be able to succeed.

Steven Le

Graphics Designer
Hi everyone!! My name is Steven and I am the graphic designer for UVSA Eastern Canada! I recently graduated from McMaster University majoring in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (I know, it’s a mouthful). Within the McMaster VSA community, I had the opportunity to be the Graphic Designer/Multimedia Director, foreseeing creative projects for the organization. The VSA community not only allowed me to form lifelong friendships but also provided me warmth and support during my transition to university. I look forward to this next step in my VSA journey, and cannot wait to see what awaits us all! Conversation starters: Osmows vs. Lazeez, dad shoes, basketball, mukbangs.

Vi Le

Social Media Lead
Hello ! My name is Vi and I am UVSA’s Social Media Lead this year. I’ve been involved in McGill’s VSA doing random tasks and some graphic design since my first year of university and I’m currently in my final year at Concordia studying Film Animation and Philosophy, but my involvement in VSA has strangely somehow led me down the path of marketing in my professional endeavors instead. My hope is that others joining or already within the VSA community can be similarly supported and pushed to find their footing in life.

Vinh Khiem Justin Tran

Co-Council of Region Representatives (CORR)
Hello everyone! My name is Vinh-Khiem Justin Tran (or Justin/VK for short), and I am UVSA Eastern Canada's Co-CORR this year. I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology. I was the Logistics Director of AéVSA two years ago, and Co-President of AéVSA and VP Finance of UVSA Eastern Canada last year. I want to be able to expand the VSA gia đình to allow for more people to find a home and place of support whenever they need it, and be able to have the same wonderful experiences that I was able to have. I hope to see everyone at our events so that we can expand our ever-growing VSA gia đình.