Our Staff.

Executive Board

Jerick Nguyen

Hi y'all! Whatsup?!? I'm Jerick, one of the Co-Presidents of UVSA Eastern Canada for the year of 2020/2021. I'm currently finishing up my final year at the University of Western Ontario and was a huge supporter to Western VSA! VSA has done so much for me, and has opened many doors as well as helped me build so many everlasting friendships. The community has taught me so much about myself and how there are so many other like-minded individuals who walks down the same path that I do. With that being said, my UVSA career thus far has inspired me to help lead others in a positive direction, introducing them to our continuously growing family! With Covid-19 being a hiccup in UVSA's vision, I hope that it won't hold us back and that we can expand the regions leadership, culture, and unity!

Yen Truong

Hi there, how are you! My name is Yen and this year I am one of UVSA Eastern Canada's Co-Presidents. I previously attended the University of Ottawa and was part of AeVSA as the Events Director. The VSA community has given me so many opportunities to learn more about myself and my culture, contribute to community initiatives and help others see their own leadership potential. Although COVID-19 makes this a little more complicated, I hope this can be a chance for our region to grow stronger and more united, together! I'm excited to see new ways we can make our UVSA EC gia đình even better.

Dan Huy Tran

Internal Vice-President
Good day, fellow VSA members! My name is Dan Huy and I am this year's Internal Vice-President for UVSA Eastern Canada. I graduated from McGill Univeresity where I obtained a Bachelor of Science (Major Neuroscience) and a Master of Science (Experimental Surgery). In my time at McGill University, I was actively involved with the McGill Vietnamese Students' Association as a Co-President. Having experienced the VSA journey has been the highlight of my university years as it helped me to get closer with my cultural roots. I intend to help as many people as possible to have the same opportunity by working with each VSA to create meaningful online events for the Eastern Canada VSA community.

Tiffany Tran

External Vice-President
Alohaaa! I'm Tiffany and I'm this year's External Vice-President for UVSA Eastern Canada. I graduated from the University of Toronto (St. George) with Honours Bachelors degree and a fulfilling undergraduate experience from being part of the Vietnamese Students' Association there. My time with UVSA has really helped me make new friends and solidify old ones. Most importantly, it allowed me to be an actress for a brief moment at Ignite. Now that I am out of school, I realized that I really missed being part of the Vietnamese community. I joined the Summit staff as the Programming Director to explore the question of identity. The quest has lead me here. With the help of my External Relations Officer Andy Phan, we hope to connect the VSAs with the external Vietnamese Canadian community, uniting the multiple layers of the Vietnamese Canadian identity.

Linda Pham

Events Vice-President
Hallo hallo! I'm Linda Pham and I am UVSA Eastern Canada's Events VP this year. I graduated from University of Waterloo with a BSc. in Biomedical Sciences and am currently completing my final year at University of Toronto for my Doctor of Pharmacy. Studying in two schools gave me the opportunity to be involved in not one, but TWO VSAs (shoutout to UWVSA and UTVSA <3)! From Events Co-ordinator to Cultural Director, as well as being part of each school's Ignite performance team for several years, I've learned SO MUCH about Vietnamese culture and I've loved every one of my experiences. Now, as part of UVSA EC, I hope to inspire more of our members through our events. I hope y'all are as excited as we are, because the team can't wait to share what we have in store for you. Hope to connect with y'all during our events!

Monica Nguyen

Marketing Vice-President
Hi, hey, hello! I'm Monica and I'm this year's Marketing VP. I'm currently at McMaster for Social Psychology, Labour Studies, and Human Resources - a little bit of everything. Unlike the rest of my team members, I have never actually been part of a VSA but I have been the graphic designer for UVSA before. Hopefully I can continue to enhance UVSA EC's aesthetic and social media presence that make you check us out at first glance!

Christy Nguyen-Tran

Administrative Vice-President
Hi hello! My name is Christy Nguyen-Tran and I am UVSA Eastern Canada’s Administrative VP this year. I graduated from McMaster University with Honours Life Sciences and will be continuing my studies at Mohawk College for Office Administration – Health Services. I was part of McMaster VSA during my undergrad and enjoyed every moment of it! Then, my journey with UVSA officially started when I went to the first ever leadership summit. I became Hospitality & Registration Director the year after for the second conference because I wanted to take part in planning such an impactful event for young leaders. Now I get to be part of the beautiful organization behind it all! You can catch me scheduling + writing meeting minutes + sending emails simultaneously for the team – all the while sending cute stickers everywhere else to properly express how I am feeling. Let’s connect at the next UVSA EC event~

Vinh-Khiem Justin Tran

Finance Vice-President
Hello everyone! My name is Vinh-Khiem Justin Tran (or Justin for short), and I am UVSA Eastern Canada's Finance VP this year. I am finishing up my Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology degree at the University of Ottawa. I was the Logistics Director for AéVSA last year and am currently Co-President this year. My journey with VSA may have started on a whim, but I have met a lot of great people and had many awesome experiences. I want to be able to expand the VSA gia đình to allow for more people to find a home and place of support whenever they need it, and be able to have the same wonderful experiences that I was able to have. COVID-19 may have made some plans a bit more difficult, but it is now the perfect chance for VSAs to connect to each other digitally, and learn and grow from each other. I hope to see everyone at our events so that we can expand our ever-growing VSA gia đình.

Andrew Young

Senior Tech Advisor

Committee Members

Christina Quach

Events Officer
Xin chào! My name is Christina Quach and I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Health Studies at the University of Waterloo. Before being this year's UVSA EC's Events Officer, I had an amazing experience being a part of UWVSA where I got to meet many other Vietnamese students from my own and other universities across Ontario. Many of my dear friends that I have made from VSA are people I would genuinely consider my anh's, chi's, and em's to this day. Along with all the fun and games, attending UWVSA and UVSA EC events have been an amazing networking experience and has helped me gain a huge appreciation for my Vietnamese culture.

Andy Phan

External Relations Officer
Henlo henlo, my name is Andy and I am this year’s External Relations Officer. I am entering my third year at McMaster University pursuing an Honours BHSC in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization. Besides being involved with UVSA EC, I am one of the Events VPs at McMaster VSA. My first exposure to UVSA EC was Ignite XXI with the MVSA cultural team. That summer, I went to the Leadership Summit “Unleash the Power Within”, was able to meet inspiring people, and make new friends. Being part of the VSA community has enabled me to explore my culture, learn new things, and make connections. Alongside with the External Vice-President, Tiffany Tran, we will be reaching out and connecting the VSAs and the Vietnamese community.

Steven Le

Graphics Designer
Hey everyone! My name is Steven and I am UVSA Eastern Canada's Graphic Designer this year. I recently graduated from McMaster University majoring in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (I know, it's a mouthful). Within the McMaster VSA community, I had the opportunity to be the Graphic Designer/Multimedia Director, forseeing creative projects for the club. VSA not only allowed me to form lifelong friendships but also provided me warmth and support during my transition to university. I look forward to expanding my horizons with the UVSA EC team and cannot wait to see where this year takes us all! Conversation starters: Osmows, dad shoes, basketball.

Janet Nguyen

Social Media Lead
Hi hi! My name is Janet Nguyen and I am UVSA Eastern Canada’s Social Media Lead this year. I am going into my third year at Western University in Medical Sciences. Alongside being this year’s Social Media Lead, I am one of the Co-Presidents at Western VSA. VSA has been a huge part of my undergraduate experience; through it, I have been able to gain life-long friendships, treasured memories, and experiences I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else! VSA has helped me grow an innumerable amount, and my goal this year is to give back to the community I have grown to love. I am so excited to branch out further into the VSA community this year and help bring UVSA EC to new heights!