UNAVSA Leadership Conference.

The Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) annually hosts a continental leadership conference that invites students and young professionals from across North America to gather for an event that will serve as a catalyst to motivate and inspire leaders within the Vietnamese-American and Canadian community. 

University students as well as young professionals will participate in the conference. Most attendees are affiliated with a Vietnamese-American or Vietnamese-Canadian student organization (VSAs, VSUs, UVSAs, etc.) seeking to develop personal leadership abilities, build on organizational management skills, and network with other leaders from around the North American continent.

The conference includes an array of programming focused on leadership building, professional development, social justice, culture, academics, and many more subjects relevant to the Vietnamese-American and Canadian community. Entertainment is offered throughout the weekend with performances during the traditional culture show and gala events. Family program activities are organized to allow attendees to network and build relationships throughout the weekend. The location and dates for this four day, three night conference have yet to be determined. The official conference program generally begins on a Thursday at 7:00PM and concludes on a Sunday at 1:00PM.

Despite over thirty years of history in North America, there have been few opportunities for emerging Vietnamese-American and Canadian leaders to develop concrete leadership skills and work on specific community projects together. Meanwhile, campus and regional student organizations everywhere continue to battle with common issues of executive board turnover, improper project management, and membership recruitment and retention, among many others. UNAVSA empowers constituent organizations and their leaders by helping them learn from the experiences of professionals and each other. In addition to educating members about issues, building relationships, and inspiring activism, UNAVSA provides a network of resources for attendees to gain the requisite leadership and management skills to better contribute to the communities in which they live.