UVSA Eastern Canada’s annual first event of the year, hosted at the end of the Welcome Back Tour. The Welcome Back Tour consists of UVSA Eastern Canada executive and committee members attending regional VSA’s general meetings/kickoff/orientation to show support and educate constituents about UVSA Eastern Canada’s mission, goals, and events for the year. The purpose of the annual Meet and Greet is to allow for VSAs across Eastern Canada to convene in learning more about UVSA Ontario as an organization including introducing the new executive board and committee members. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity for VSAs to network with each other and with UVSA Eastern Canada. It is a high energy fun event with games catered to different personality types and needs with delicious food to end it all off! Meet & Greet sets the tone for the rest of the year with an overview of the expectations, initiatives, and events that the new team will be implementing.
This annual social event was created to provide a break for university and college VSA students from their midterms through a night of networking, games, and fun! There is a competitive costume contest that includes various categories from couple costumes to group to most creative! The festivities throughout the night reinvigorate the VSAs to prepare them for their future studies and keeps them connected to UVSA Eastern Canada. Throughout the night, there is ample opportunities to bond, network, and form lasting friendships and partnerships.
With the launch of ICC last year, the aim for this council is to provide students the chance to engage in a project focusing on philanthropy and the CPP. The inaugural event in the 2018-2019 year was a remarkable success which attracted members from all VSAs across Eastern Canada. Through our Rising Stars for Change event, we showcased the talented and unique members in our region – as a result, we were able to raise more than $1500 for Children of Vietnam through our event. This year, the philanthropic project will aim to fundraise for the non-profit organization, Messengers of Love.

The Ignite Cultural Show is an annual gathering of affiliated VSAs from across Eastern Canada to showcase and celebrate Vietnamese culture through stage and art performances. Ignite was first initiated in 1998 by a group of young, passionate Vietnamese-Canadian students and is one of the featured events of UVSA Eastern Canada with participation from VSAs throughout the region.

Each year, our VSAs work tirelessly to create a unique performance for this show, with months of preparation and rehearsals. This year, we are excited to continue showcasing Vietnamese culture with UVSA Eastern Canada’s 22nd Ignite Culture show. In the previous years, the Ignite Culture Show has garnered over 300 spectators.

The Vietnamese Inspiring Tomorrow Amalgamation Summit (VITA Summit-3) is a multi-day conference that emphasizes leadership development, professional networking and growth as well as cultural education, with the end goal of empowering today’s youth to become leaders within their communities. VITA Summit-3 intends to bring students, community leaders, and professionals together to build social networks, discuss relevant issues in the Vietnamese-Canadian community, and explore ways to address these issues through student leadership initiatives.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the VSAs throughout the year, our gala is an opportunity to recognize outstanding VSAs and supporters within the Vietnamese student community. This gala is an opportunity for us to thank all our sponsors and invite our Platinum Sponsors to share our region’s successes with us.

Attendees include province-wide VSAs, UVSA alumni, Vietnamese community members, as well as sponsors and supporters of Vietnamese culture. The event consists of a dinner, award ceremony, and performances from members of our community.