UNAVSA-16 Scholarship

The United Vietnamese Students’ Association of Ontario (UVSA Ontario) is excited to provide two scholarships valued at $250 CAD to individuals within the UVSA Ontario community to attend the 16th Annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference hosted in Vancouver, BC from July 25-28. This conference aims at motivating and inspiring individuals within the Vietnamese-American and Canadian community to step up in building and progressing the community. The conference includes an array of programming focused on leadership building, professional development, social justice, culture, academics, and many more subjects relevant to the North American Vietnamese community. Entertainment is offered throughout the weekend with performances during the traditional culture show and gala events. Family program activities are organized to allow attendees to network and build relationships over the course of a few days.


After 16 years of building our organization and hosting in the United States, UNAVSA is paving a new way to hold conference for the first time internationally in Western Canada. This year’s conference theme “Beyond the Horizon: Y[ours] to Discover” reflects our organization’s mission of bridging the gap between our Canadian and American constituents while exploring the various aspects of Vietnamese culture across the North American continent.

UNAVSA believes “Your” journey of self-development begins when you take the first initiative, to leap out of your comfort zone, and have meaningful intent to reflect on personal experiences and explore how it contributes to your individual and cultural identity. While on this unique journey, individuals can bond over similarities and celebrate differences making a more powerful and diverse community overall. By achieving these ideals, the greater community can harness the immense potential to create positive change in the world. “Our” journey begins when we come together as one, a collective.


To qualify for a scholarship, you must:

  • Have never previously attended a UNAVSA Leadership Conference

  • Reside within the Eastern Canadian region and be affiliated with a recognized member school of UVSA Ontario

  • Complete all questions in this application

  • Attend and be present at all aspects of the 2nd Annual UVSA Ontario Leadership Summit (Family Programming, Workshops, Speakers, Gala)

  • Attend and be present at all aspects of the UNAVSA-16 Conference (Workshops, Culture Show, Gala, CPP, etc.)


Upon submission, UVSA Ontario’s UNAVSA-16 scholarship committee (consisting of Eastern Canadian UNAVSA board and council members) will look over applications for completion and grade applications based on pre-selected criteria. The two scholarship winners will be announced at the 2nd Annual UVSA Ontario Leadership Summit on May 18-19, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale.


This popular (and sold-out!) conference is the opportunity of a lifetime, and we would like for you to be a part of the change. This year is especially important, as it is the first time it will be hosted in Canada. Please join us in bridging the gap between the Canadian and American Vietnamese community as we head to Vancouver, BC this summer as representatives of our schools, our region, and our culture. Thank you for your time – see you in Vancouver!

For more information about UNAVSA, visit unavsa.org, and the Leadership Conference, visit conference.unavsa.org

Deadline: Friday, May 3rd at 11:59pm EDT